Songs of Love, Moon, & Wind: Poems from the Chinese

Moss coated paths among scarlet peonies,

Pale jade mountains fill your rustic windows.

I envy you, inebriated with flowers,

Butterflies swirling on your dreams.

—Ch’ien Ch’i

This beautiful reward e-book bargains a large sampling of chinese language verse, from the 1st century to our personal time, starting with the lyric poetry of Tu Fu, relocating to the folks songs of the Six Dynasties interval, directly to the Sung Dynasty, and to the current. additionally represented are many of the best-known girls of chinese language poetry, together with Li Ching-chao and Chu Shu-chen. those easy, available yet profound poems come via to us with a wide ranging immediacy in Kenneth Rexroth’s English versions—a fabulous reward for any lover of poetry.

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Once installed there she was given the title of Dai Taihou fs] ; and after Liu Heng's accession as emperor she became entitled Huang Taihou or Tai Huang Taihou. She died in 155, after Wendi's death, and was buried at Nanling j^j pj=. This was situated close to Baling H IH’ the burial site of Wendi that lay south of Chang'an city. It had 墨子制作 Bo Zhao 15 not been possible to bury her close to Gaodi in a manner befitting his consort; such honours had already been pre-empted for the Empress Lu. Liu Wu gij king o f Chu from 175 to 154, was at one time accused of sexual relations with the empress, presumably at a time when she had been no more than Liu Heng's queen of Dai.

The appreciation of the Han shu links Xiao He with Cao Shen, the one maintaining order at home, the other going out on campaign, and both deserving credit for giving China a new start after the sufferings experienced under Qin. The epitaph inscription for Cao Quan | f of AD 185 alludes to Cao Shen as being Cao Quan's ancestor. — SJ 54, p. 2021; HS 39, p. 2013; Lunheng 18 (54 'Ziran' g ) pp. 777—8; Wen xuan 1, p. 1 la; HHS 4, p. 172; 5, p. 240; 17, p. 652; 26, p. 'f) As a descendant of Cao Shen j | , Cao Shi succeeded as fourth noble of Pingyang zp |J|§ in 153.

There is no evidence to support a view that Cao Shen had been deliberately relegated to a position away from the capital, whether to avoid conflict with Xiao He or to preclude his access to power at the centre. Before his death, Gaodi had named Cao Shen as the most suitable person to succeed Xiao He as Chancellor of State of the empire, and despite their earlier disagreements, Xiao He had himself endorsed this view. At the latter's death in 193, as expected Cao Shen received a summons to proceed to Chang'an.

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