Atmospheric Optics by N. F. Kuprevich, A. Kh. Kurmaeva (auth.), Nikolai B. Divari

By N. F. Kuprevich, A. Kh. Kurmaeva (auth.), Nikolai B. Divari (eds.)

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To standardize the obtained photographs, a device was created for proj ecting a step-wedge image onto the input photocathode of the system (the photocathode to the image converter). Figure 2 shows curves representing the characteristic of the entire channel (image converter - television system-photographic film). It can be seen that negative blackening is a linear function of the logarithm of the incident-light intensity in a threefold brightness range. ), it is desirable to use the same feed optics.

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Amplitude (J'i ::: 0 on the star trail or a change in the sign of ui' be called event k. The number of these events is represented by a sequence of points k 1 , k2 , ••• ,kn, corresponding to the specific times of occurrence of the event. f, ~z \ p I \ \ \ I I \-J I I I I I \ I \I II 1 0 ---- ---- Fig. 2. Formation of star vibration "trail" as inclination of plane Q changes. 28 Sh. P. DARCHIYA AND N. P. ESIKOV An important characteristic of event k is the length distribution of the random time interval Dot between two adjacent events.

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