Aristophanes: The Acharnians, the Clouds, the Knights, the by Aristophanes, Benjamin B Rogers

By Aristophanes, Benjamin B Rogers

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Well met, Amphitheus Not till I've done running. I needs must flee the Acharnians, clean away. What mean you ? I was bringing back in haste The treaties, when some veterans smelt them ! AM. DI. AM. out, ^ * The A Lit. " loss of the garlic had ruined it. 21 ; ARISTOPHANES *A)(OipviKoi, aTLTTTol yepovTcs, TTpiviVOi, OLTepdixoveg , MapadaJvoiMaxa-L, a(f)evSd[j,vivoi. , " aTTOvbds (fiipeis, co ixiapwrare, tcov dp^TreXicov rerp^r^jxivcov Kas rovs Tpl^cDvas ^vveXeyovro raJv Ai. ; Xt,du)v iyco S' e(f)evyov' ol 8' iStcoKov Ka^ocov.

But ye know not why CHOR. Hear you DI. Not, CHOR. No hear O No I did me now it : the facts declare. You're to die 'Neath a stony cairn to lie not until ye've heard me worthy sirs, forbear, forbear delay ? ! ; ! ; ! Thee ! to slay We'll immediately begin. 31 . ARISTOPHANES ae KXeojvos cos fJbefXLarjKa, en fJbdXXov, ov e- 300 ycb reybo) rolaiv tTTTrevai KaTTUfiara. 8' iyo) GOV Xoyovs XeyovTos ovk OLKOvcrofiai [xaKpovs, OCTTLS ia7T€LG(XJ AoLKCOaLV, dXXo, Al. TljU,a)/E>7yCTO/X,at.. AaKcovas iKTToSow idaare, 305 ifMwv GTTOvBoJv aKOvaar , el KaXcbs (LyaOoi, rovs rcbv S' fJ-ev eoTTeiadiJb-qv XO.

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