Against All Gods: Six Polemics on Religion and an Essay on by A C Grayling

By A C Grayling

In a chain of daring, unsparing polemics, A C Grayling exposes the damaging unreason he sees on the center of non secular religion and highlights the pressing desire we need to reject it in all its kinds, with out compromise. instead he argues for a suite of values in line with cause, mirrored image, and sympathy, taking his cue from the good moral culture of Western philosophy.

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Why would this be laughed out of court when belief of essentially the same intellectual value, say, Christianity, is accorded all such amenities and more? 37 I remind those who seek to counter with the tired old canard that Stalinism and Nazism are proof that secular arrangements are worse than religious ones, that fundamentalist religion is the same in its operation and effects as Stalinism and Nazism for the reason that these latter are at base the same thing as religions, viz. monolithic ideologies.

A simple test of the relative merits of science and religion is to compare lighting your house at night by prayer or electricity. The molecular evolution research focuses on hormone receptors. Hormones and their receptors are protein molecules that fit one another like keys in locks. By comparing specific hormone receptors in lampreys and hagfish, primitive species of jawless fish, with more evolved versions in skate, Professor Joseph Thornton and his laboratory co-workers at the University of Oregon were able to reconstruct the genetic evolution of the molecules in question, tracing their evolution to a common ancestral gene 456 million years ago.

For over a century after Luther nailed his theses to Wittenberg’s church door, Europe was engulfed in ferocious religious strife, because the Church was losing its hitherto hegemonic grip and had no intention of doing so without a fight. Millions died, and Catholicism won some battles even as it lost 47 the war. We are witnessing a repeat today, this time with Islamism resisting the encroachment of a way of life that threatens it, and as other religious groups join them in a (strictly temporary, given the exclusivity of faith) alliance for the cause of religion in general.

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