Practitioner's Guide to Effective Maritime and Port Security by Michael Edgerton

By Michael Edgerton

Units forth practices to make sure safeguard and foster foreign alternate Written with a global viewpoint, this ebook analyzes the advanced set of things affecting the safety of port and maritime operations, together with transport, politics, economics, crime, and terrorism. writer Michael Edgerton reviews present techniques to maritime and port safeguard according to his greater than twenty-five years of expertise in Read more...

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The system guaranteed employment for large numbers of citizens and ensured that vessels registered in flag states would be fully regulated under that state's laws. Ships registered under conventional flag-state registry were able to request naval protection from that flag state anywhere in the world where that nation's naval units operated. Examples of conventional or traditional registries that still exist include the United States, Canada, and, to a lesser extent, some European Union member states.

5 National dependence on oil transiting through the Straits of Hormuz. trade throughout the world and as intermodal connections to other transportation systems. Ports as Targets As the connection between land transportation and maritime trade routes, seaports have historically been identified as strategically important targets. The ability to deprive legitimate users of control The Criticality of Ports: Why and How They Matter 35 or use of a port through seizure or damage has been identified as a key potential threat to the integrity of maritime and intermodal supply chains.

Businesses include manufacturers, importers, exporters, terminal operators, and virtually every element in the supply chain. Those who show compliance will benefit by having their goods move more quickly and with fewer examinations. 6 A supply-chain flow chart. open to traders operating within the European Union. Member states will be entitled to grant expedited customs clearance to any business that meets established criteria relating to the operators' security control systems, financial solvency, and compliance record.

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