A History of Franco-German Relations in Europe: From by Carine Germond

By Carine Germond

This book surveys Franco-German kinfolk from the French Revolution to the Nineties, accumulating the most up-tp-date learn from region experts.

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28 Perceiving French Germany: Experiences of War and Occupation As with many historical concepts and narratives, modernization and its analytical tools (state- and nation-building) are mainly categories created ex post facto from the perspective of the historian who frames his or her object, often by a classical top-down approach. But to what extent did these categories play a role for contemporaries? 29 One such visitor was the physician Friedrich Albrecht Klebe. In the autumn of 1800, he journeyed along the Rhine and through the now French departments of Donnersberg, Mosel, and Roer.

With surprising rapidity, then, the French regained their ability to act on the foreign stage. For its part, the German government continued to regard France only as a negative element:34 Long-lasting cooperation between the two countries seemed impossible due to the poisoned climate, whereas new conflicts appeared likely and thus necessitated appropriate precautions. Within this context, Bismarck believed it possible to frighten France Attraction and Repulsion • 21 once again with a massive threat of war in 1875.

Gruner and Klaus-Jürgen Müller (Hamburg: Krämer, 1996), 327–39. 43. Poidevin and Bariéty, Frankreich, 301. 44. Jean-Baptiste Duroselle, Histoire diplomatique de 1919 à nos jours (Paris: Dalloz, 1993), 9. CHAPTER 2 War, Occupation, and Entanglements German Perspectives on the Napoleonic Era Bernhard Struck Introduction W hen did the nineteenth century begin? Did it begin with Napoleon? This chapter considers Franco-German history around 1800. While briefly referring to aspects of that history before the French Revolution and also after the Napoleonic era, the main focus is on the Napoleonic Wars, on perceptions and experiences of them.

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