A Concise Dictionary of Quran by Dr Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem

By Dr Abdul Azeez Abdul Raheem

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Pl. be apart, aside 69 they found 60 did nit I ordain 89 sick, off-mooded 62 multitude, great numbers 93 then (he) turned 64 burn therein 94 hastening, hurriedly 68 We grant long life 68 72 78 we cause (him) to bend (from straightness) we have subdued them decomposed, decayed he had laid him prostrate 103 forehead, temple 117 that makes (things) clear 125 name of an idol 137 you pass 140 ran away, fled 141 He casted lots 141 those who are condemned / rejected / rebutted 2 3 fg. those who recite 142 then swallowed him 7 rebellious 8 8 === 1/2 === HALF JUZ 9 lasting harship, a constant torment 10 glistening, bright 11 sticky 18 pl.

Accusing, reproaching dazed eyes, confounded and eclipsed, darkened, buried in darkness place to flee to, refuge 11 no refuge, no safety 15 his excuses, pleas 22 24 25 fg. radiant, resplendent, beam in brightness and beauty fg. sad, dismal, despondent overcast with despair fg. , great calamity or disaster and nor the excessive bitter cold and lowered ones, close upon, near within reach, lowered round vessels, goblets 17 ginger 18 called 18 name of a fountain in heaven 19 everlasting youth 28 their pair -75 2 long / endless period of time pp.

I was not given 26 I had not known and his kinsfolk, kindred [relatives] gives / will give him a shelter blazing fire, raging flame 16 in succession come you all! 19 9 a furious 19 18 like melted lead the calamity cruel, violent 17 8 sure reality 13 to pluck the fruits of ( the garden) they do not say “if Allah wills," make no exception one that encompasses / encircles -70 13 4 will protect ‫ === ر‬1/4 == -69 2 28 English 36 7 they persisted destruction, perdition, ruin === 1/2 === HALF JUZ === 1/2 === 28 -72 1 a group 3 the majesty 6 perversion 8 pv.

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