100 Great Brits: A Rhyming History from Bede to Beckham by JAMES MUIRDEN


Jane Austen's scalpel disinters the explanations of her characters, and even though her age is so distant, her insights strike a contemporary observe. At Winchester you can find her bones; her books are all in Waterstone's. Alfred the good, Robert the Bruce, Francis Drake, Christopher Wren, Elizabeth Fry, Isambard state Brunel, Emmeline Pankhurst, Ernest Shackleton, Agatha Christie, J. ok. Rowling...What do all of them have in universal? they are all nice Brits, and their works and achievements are celebrated in fascinating verse besides many extra during this exciting booklet. Muirden has regaled us prior to with rhyming romps via British heritage. Now he provides us with ''100 nice Brits''; witty and erudite, this can be the suitable reward to light up and amuse

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This was a dangerous thing to do, and Bacon was arraigned and tried for taking money on the side (although we trust he wasn’t swayed by how much litigants had paid). A few days in the Tower, and then, free but disgraced, he whittled his pen, bought lots of paper, and began reflecting on the role of Man; for better, and indeed for worse, in this perplexing Universe. indd Sec15:44 25/07/2007 11:26:24 A RHYMING HISTORY Novum Organum was the start (in the event, the only part) of one great work to make the case for strengthening our knowledge base;1 and here he offers some examples of what you can deduce from samples...

Then, at last, they came to an executive decision... Cromwell was dubbed Protector of the Realm. From 1653 until he died, our hero steered unchallenged at the helm. In fact he did so well, they even tried to crown him as King Oliver I. But Cromwell turned his back upon the throne. Their policy could not now be reversed; from now on, they must run the show alone. But when he died and left an empty place, the call for Charles II would begin. Soon, Cromwell’s corpse was dug up in disgrace. The Merry Monarch reigned – so did Nell Gwynn...

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